Our Story

When brothers Kurt and John Tiedt decided to go into the winemaking business with a group of close friends, it wasn’t for fame and fortune. Somerset Vineyard & Winery continues a legacy of sharing good times with others, a cornerstone of the Tiedt Brothers philosophy for decades.

Together with their wives Nesreen and Gina, close friends and partners Steve and Jen Gourley, Kim Scott, Kal and Sawsan Khoury, Bert and Maria Contestabile, and Mic and Dena Ruhley, we formed a small investment group that turned a dream into a reality. Somerset Vineyard & Winery is also dedicated to the memory of their close childhood friend Robert Trummeter who lost his battle against cancer shortly before acquiring the winery. Somerset Vineyard & Winery is a destination and a wine for anyone who appreciates the joy of friendship, the thrill of life, and the taste of fun.

We welcome you to come and make memories with us. Somerset was the street of their childhood and adolescence, growing up in the suburbs of Orange County, California. Somerset recalls lifelong friendships, family celebrations and countless memories. The name evokes a time of pickup games, block parties, neighborhood potlucks and camaraderie.

Somerset embodies a philosophy and sentiment that continued into adulthood as the group of friends raised families of their own.

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